It has been weeks since I stepped into the Detox firstly. Everything goes well, or even, better than ever before. I feel relieved, living without any disturbance of shopping, I get to enjoy the life everyday, trying to discover the beauty of life without any wasting of money for apparel.

I heard that one need about three weeks to get used to a habit, and this principle affected on me perfectly. For the past three weeks, I got used to the days without any shopping for apparel. Actually last weekend I went to Outlets in Ozark, but I did not purchase anything, even a pair of shoes, and I felt really proud of myself. I could not believe myself not buying anything in such a store with full of discounts  and coupons everywhere. But any time when I got the idea of purchasing, I would tell my self that I was challenging myself, and I did not want to become a loser.

This week I used the time which was used for shopping online to run in the rec center and watch hang out in downtown with my friend. We happened to meet the music festival in downtown and witnessed the carnival of people. I realized that sometimes we just got blocked in the world of shopping, however if you are willing to make a change, you will see the life away from shopping would be that wonderful, or even, much better than ever. So just keep going on. There is still much fun on the way here.