When have I gone to Nordstrom and not bought anything, you ask? NEVER.  On Saturday I spur of the moment decided to go to St. Louis for the day and my mom immediately wanted to go to the mall to do her fall shopping.  I was very tempted at first but then I just focused my attention on my mom.  She never wants to shop or buy herself new things so since she was in a rare mood to do that I just focused my attention to her and made her feel special.  The challenge has made me different around others in the fact I actually talk about clothes more.  I did not really even catch on to it until my roommates said something to me!  This challenge so far has actually made me more creative in a fashion sense.  I am more creative because now I am paying much more attention to the clothes are already have and am creating more outfits.  I also realized I have many accessories and jewelry that I have not been wearing enough, so I have been adding those items to my outfits.  Creating new outfits with what I already own has really helped me cope with the detox.  Strategies that have helped me so far are definitely talking about clothes in general, focusing my attention on others’ outfits and creating new outfits of what I already own.  Until next week!