As I embark on week three of the fashion detox I realize how little temptation I have actually faced. I haven’t had time to go to the mall or to the shops in downtown Columbia nor have I had the money. This fashion detox came at the right time! Last night my car got towed which cost me a pretty penny, so it looks like the fashion gods are rooting me onto success! At a pricey alternative….but its the little victories, right??

Next week is where I will face my greatest obstacle yet; I am going home next weekend to retrieve my fall/winter wardrobe and who knows what I will find/hate/love.  I’m a big fan of Plato’s closet. Every season I take clothes I didn’t wear or don’t like anymore and buy new clothes with the cash I made. I will definitely be challenged to use the pieces that I don’t necessarily love and try to style them in a way that I do. This will be the first true test of my creativity. Stay tuned!