Now that fall is here I’m feeling pretty good! Why you ask because I have so many clothes I bought last year for fall that I never got to wear! So right now there is no temptations to go buy clothes. I’m very excited that I get to bring them out and show them off because I know to everyone else their new clothes but to me they just haven’t been worn yet!! Even more yet my creativity is getting better. Things I never thought I would think to do for clothing I’m trying. For example, like making my own clothes! My house has a sewing machine and I bought fabric at hobby lobby over the summer for crafts I thought I was going to make but never did. So one of the girls showed me how and now I have made a headband and skirt! Girls couldn’t believe I made them since they looked like they were from a store! This has inspired me to make more clothes once this is done and I can get new fabric to save money! Over all I haven’t had this much money in my bank account since before college started!

The temptations aren’t here and its week 3. Hooray!!! It’s finally getting easier. This makes me so happy. But its probably only like this for week 3 considering have 3 test this week and have no time to even look. Keeping busy is the only thing that is keeping me going. Since I don’t have time for it I think about how stressed I am for my test! I love not having to think about online shopping because of my test, I love it!

This week I feel way different than last week’s blog about how I feel around others. I’m pretty comfortable about what I’m wearing now that I’m even more creative and am kind of getting good at this! Actually most people even complement me on my fashion because of all the different clothing pieces I wear.

When I’m around other people shopping it’s hard but I then turn to helping my friends out with their fashion needs and what I think looks good on them. It makes me feel awesome knowing instead of buying cloths and spending money I’m helping my friends look good. Also I’ll see something I might want really bad but I think about how I can save my money for something even bigger and better later on in life!