For me, the issue with date parties was never my lack of something to wear, but rather finding someone to take to a date party. However, since the fashion detox, it’s been the absolute opposite. This last week I was invited to a date party, so naturally finding a date was not a dilemma. Now the only problem was finding a dress within my closet. The problem with this date party was that I have always been so used to shopping for my dress the week of the date party, no questions asked. I never even look in my closet for a dress; instead, I always bought the perfect dress I wanted for that particular date party. I would end up wearing the dress just once and never wearing it again. I feel living in a world of Facebook pictures always being posted of last weekend’s outfit, it is hard to wear the same outfit more than once. Now with this detox, I felt very deprived when all my friends went out to buy a new dress for the date party. The good thing is my friends went while I was in class for an exam so I really did not notice. However, I did feel slightly sad when my friends came home with their cute, new “finds.” Despite my friends’ new clothes, I managed to make it through the week without shopping by keeping focused on my homework.


Luckily I have a bunch of friends I live with, who own a lot of cute clothes. Maybe the dresses were not the most current trends, but my friends had a lot of clothes to choose from. I ended up borrowing my friend’s dress to the date party, and it all worked out because I really liked the fit of the dress. It was a little black dress that could be used no matter what the current fashion trends are. Even though it was simple, I used my creative skills to add earrings and a necklace I bought before the detox that still are in the current trends. Those accessories got me by and made my outfit that much cuter. Without buying a completely new dress, I was able to use old jewelry from my closet and use my friend’s old dress. The entire look did not even look out of style! When I went to the date party, I felt really confident in my outfit. People even asked me where I got my outfit. It felt good that I had a cute outfit, and that no one else had my exact dress since I used old items. In the end, I was not “dress less” in Columbia thanks to my creativity and my friend’s awesome style!