I am still feeling okay about not being able to shop. I’ve had plenty of tests, homework, and projects keeping me pre occupied from thinking about shopping. However, I feel like since fall is approaching, that I need to start updating my wardrobe to accommodate. Every time the season changes, I feel as if I need to buy new clothes so this is a big problem for me! As I said in my last post, my creativity has not been challenged yet due to the fact that I’ve just been wearing t-shirts. I know that it will start to be soon though when it starts getting colder!

I have definitely had some temptations to shop! This weekend my roommate went shopping for an event for our sorority where we had a theme to dress up, so naturally I went with her. I was so tempted to buy things I saw in TJ Maxx, but of course I refrained. I had to be very creative with my wardrobe and pull together an outfit that matched our “Preppy” theme. I used a blazer, white shorts, a button up shirt, and long socks to achieve this. I definitely overcame that obstacle and put together a successful outfit!

My attitude around others shopping is still relatively the same-jealous. It’s okay though, because my friends don’t really go shopping here that often because let’s face it there’s hardly anything here. So the rare chance we do go shopping, I just have to remind myself of the detox and tell myself that I literally do not need anything. I’m sure this challenge will be getting harder for me to handle in the future, but for now it is going pretty well!