This week I am starting to feel agitated, stressed, in need of some fashion therapy and for a few reasons. I am stressed because of school. We all know this is the time of the year when we all need Starbucks every minute of every day, we spend our days and nights studying away and we eat everything in sight. There is barely time to do anything else. Especially the thing that I want to do the most… SHOP!!! Shopping often helps me become less stressed. It is my therapy for anything. If I am feeling upset, depressed, or just bored I will shop to make myself happier. Although, this is what I used to do; lately, that has not been happening. Unfortunately.

            What agitates me the most is the fact that I see other girls in new clothes that I know I want. I want to go buy them right now. I want a new SEC Gameday outfit. I want a new top to go out in on the weekends. I want a new fall jacket. But I cant. I do not have the money and I am on a fashion detox so I must stick to my promise. It is also hard because fall is absolutely no doubt my most favorite season. One, because I just had my birthday, and two, because the weather is perfect for long sleeves and shorts, jeans and a tank, even cute fall boots! You can literally wear anything and it is just so perfect and when the sun is shining it always makes me happy.

            I like to feel good in what I wear and I might have mentioned this before, but I don’t like to wear a lot of things multiple times. I wear everything I own regularly pretty much. The ‘going out’ tops are what I do not like to wear over and over again. I love having new tops because it makes me feel fresh and up-to-date on my style.

            So even though I am talking about craving fall fashion, I am still sticking to my detox. So far. I am so scared that I am going to give in soon, but I just need to try to keep my mind off of it I suppose. I am not sure if makeup is apart of this, but I do buy some new makeup. I am going to brag a bit… I just became a Mary Kay Consultant and I had to order a bunch of new makeup. I can’t wait to use it all! Hopefully that will help me feel fresher and not worry about what I am wearing on my body as much.

            3 Weeks down, 7 more to go!!!