Week three of the challenge really hasn’t been all that bad.  As an outlet for retail therapy, I’ve been going to my friend’s dorm room and hanging out. Pretty much all the time.  I had another friend ask me to go shopping this week for her birthday, and even though I wanted to go, it wasn’t that hard to say no.  Now if only I could have said no to that cake…  I brought some different necklaces from home to help “dress up” some shirts, but I haven’t really had the sudden urge or need to go shopping lately.  Then again, maybe nothing is really going on that is causing me to feel as if I need to shop. I have decided, though, that I want a bedazzler.  All the girls on campus have rhinestoned, cute shirts that I’m beginning to think I need, and since I can’t buy them… why not make them? Now since it’s starting into fall, the girls are starting to wear (ugh) leggings with the over-sized t-shirts and boots. What is wrong with society thinking that it’s okay to walk out in your pajamas for class?! Anyways, now that I’m off my soap box… I have a feeling that since this week will be very stressful, I’m going to want to go shopping really badly. We’ll see how it goes, and I’ll definitely let you know next week!