Today was the first time that my detox was really put to the test. It was day two of my JCP training and we toured the store. I couldn’t believe my eyes. JCP is a whole new store. Their clothes are not only quite trendy, but they are better quality as well. As I toured the store, I saw about 30 things that I just HAD to have. Then I remembered… I can’t have ANY of it. If ever I was going to give up, it would have been at that moment.

As for how I am acting towards other people, I think that I have been fine. If anything, it has given me more to talk about with others. The only time I have been a little short with someone is when my roommate came home and told me about all of the crazy sales going on at Dillard’s, even when she knew that I was participating in the Fashion Detox. Might I add, she got a Michael Kors watch for $30. And believe me, she flaunted that thing for the rest of the day. I am trying to be more understanding, though. Just because I can’t shop, doesn’t mean no one else can. 

This experience has definitely allowed me to be more creative with my clothing. I have been wearing shirts that I had never worn before and putting outfits together that I previously wouldn’t have even thought about. It may not have been as exciting as wearing a brand new outfit, but it felt pretty good to me. 

Until next week fellow Detoxers, and good luck!