My temptations are trying to make me break. My online shopping carts are filling up. I don’t know if “pretending to shop” is the same as actually shopping, but I guess my shopping game is continuing in a sense because I’m still technically “shopping” but without ever getting the merchandise I look at or put in my cart. On a more positive, less pathetic note, the challenge has made me more creative in my everyday fashion in the sense that since I know I’m supposed to be playing with the clothes I have more, I’ve been dressing up more for class and steering away from the frat tanks and Nike shorts.

What has happened with this challenge is I hate my friends. Just kidding but watching them click away and online shop and punch in their credit card numbers to receive their magical gift of fashion goodies in the mail is extremely irritating. I feel like I’m watching 21 year olds go into bars and I just sit there and watch because I’m not allowed to, but in a more fashion-y sense. I kind of participate in the shopping activities with them by my new technique to “browse, not buy”. That fulfills the tendency to shop, in the most ungratifing way possible.