Alright… This week ended up turning out okay, but today was kind of rough. I’m feeling accomplished, but at the same time, kind of bummed I didn’t get a million things that I wanted.

Today, I took my boyfriend and his roommate shopping. (They like bringing me along for the obvious fashion reasons:-) It was pretty fun picking out clothes for them, but oh my goodness…. I wanted to pick some things out for myself too! This challenge impacted me for the better honestly… I’m glad I told my boyfriend about this project because he’s been a major help telling me, “Babe… you don’t NEED that. It’ll all be worth it in the end.” I didn’t want to believe him, but in the back of my mind I know it will be. I’m feeling pretty good at this point not that I think about it. The only money I spent today was on my mom!

My only strategy today was having my boyfriend steer me in another direction. (It’s kind of hard to fight against him when he’s 10000 times stronger than me. ha!) I have just decided that I’m going to start making my Christmas list now in order to help my shopping addiction. All in all, good day for me!