This past week has been a little harder on me, but I managed to go the whole week without purchasing anything.  I am beginning to feel a little bored with everything going on around me.  Many of my friends keep talking about how many new things they keep seeing online or in stores and it’s making me sad that I can’t go and purchase them.  So now when I’m around all these other people I’m starting to feel a little jealous of the new stuff they keep purchasing.  This challenge still hasn’t seemed to impact my creativity at all, I still think I am capable of creating new looks out of old outfits.  I’ve learned more on how changing an accessory can change the complete look of an outfit, or even changing the shoes can make a huge difference instead of purchasing something new I just mix and match some of the old stuff.

I had a MAJOR temptation this past weekend.  My sorority sisters and I all went to Kansas City on our annual Sisterhood Retreat.  This year we went to KC to go to the Plaza for shopping and to see a Royals baseball game.  The entire day all my sisters were purchasing such cute stuff from all these amazing stores at the Plaza, and I just sat back and watched them spend.  I am so proud of myself for not purchasing a thing.  It was really hard to watch everyone but I managed and realized that not everything is revolved around having new clothing.  My new strategy this past weekend was just to help everyone pick out new things instead of shopping for me I shopped for them!  It really helped them find new things, and since so many of us have different styles, the things I were picking out weren’t what I wanted to purchase, so it kept my mind off of the things I wanted to look at.  So far so good, still!