This week was not hard at all. I was not able to get off campus at all due to my homework so it was very easy to not feel tempted to buy anything. I also do not feel that this challenge has affected my creativity in the least. I still do not have the things in the stores so I could not feel limited by not having them. Again this week I have not had any temptations nor needs that could not be taken care of without looking into my closet. This does not change how I feel around others even though some think that I am strange for accepting this challenge. My strategies for this week are the same as last week. I plan to keep doing what I have been doing to avoid the temptation of buying anything apparel. I also plan on having a list made up for myself so that when I do need to go shopping I can force myself to stick to it. This will also keep me away from the apparel sections of stores and keep me from being tempted. I do not have any creative strategies to prevent myself from purchasing things that I need because I feel like I already have everything that I need.