As the week is rolling by, I find myself sometimes just having the urge to buy something because it might make me feel better. My days are long, I work two jobs, and often I just have the need to splurge myself of something new. It has been a little difficult to accept that I can’t buy anything just yet and I will keep trying to fight temptation. I was tempted to look into buying some hats that have been something I’ve wanted for a long time. I want to invest into some snapbacks but I can’t at the moment. I also remembered a couple of days ago that sports bras were on my list of things to buy and I had forgot to buy them before this detox had happened. Thinking about that made me more agitated as well. I hope that I can continue to fight my urges because I know that in the end I will only be spending money and I definitely need to keep saving!

This hasn’t impacted my creativity very much at all. I actually like to look at clothes and I don’t necessarily feel the need to buy everything that I see and like. At work, I am still constantly reminded that I can’t purchase anything and this actually helps me remember that I am doing this fashion detox. I feel the same around my friends and they understand what I am going through. They don’t make it a big deal and actually commend the fact that I am actually doing this. I haven’t had any creative strategies to fulfill my needs without buying a product first hand. I feel a lot better after I see something that I want to get and then I realize I can’t get it so I don’t. After that happens, I think about the positive reasons why I didn’t get that product and that I am saving money.