Week 3 of this uneasy challenge, however, slowly but surely, I am getting used to not buying any more clothes. I still make trips to the mall just for window shopping once in a while, but that irritating feeling of not being able to bring home the stuff i saw is going away. On top of that, I think the main reason why I am still surviving is because of all the support I have from my beloved family and friends. They constantly offer me to get what I want in their closets, some of them even helped me create new looks based on what we had on the table. I cannot say thank you enough to her personally, and also I am proud of myself for being so committed in Fashion Detox. “You are responsible for what you promised”, said my mom. I know I would be ashamed of myself and feel guilty if I go behind and just buy whatever I want. And of course, without buying new stuff, my piggy bank is getting fatter and fatter everyday!!

The time is getting closer to my fashion internship at Vogue Magazine in New York City. I am so nervous about it, along the same line with seeing fancy clothes everywhere. It will be so hard for me not to open my wallet, but I am hoping for the best, as I am training my self control ability now. Oh wish me the best guys!!!