How are you feeling?

I’m trying so hard to resist the temptation and it’s been harder and harder every time I see new items I want for my wardrobe.  I get really anxious when I’m even near a store because I know if I go into the store I will want something just because I know I cant have it. I just have to think of other topics if my mind even wonders about clothing.


How this challenge has impacted you creativity?

My creativity has defiantly gotten better considering I have 80 closets to choose from. All my sorority sisters have been so understanding about this project and love helping me figure out cute new ways to wear articles of clothing. But basically I am having tons of fun with it by mixing and matching different colors I thought I would never wear together. Overall I have a positive outlook on this for future references, for example when my parent cut me off its defiantly going to be a lesson learned.


How this challenge has impacted how you feel around others?

I feel as if I’m wearing the same old clothing every wear I go. Repeating cloths are one of my biggest pet peeves so I feel like everyone is judging me on what I wear. For example, its like they know I’m repeating outfits and I don’t know if they think I cant afford clothing or what. But it’s defiantly been a challenge on what others are thinking of me. Also it makes me sad seeing everyone get new clothes and go shopping with their moms and I know I can’t do that. It’s a bonding time my mom and I have when she comes to visit me at college and now we cant do it for the rest of the semester.


Any strategies you have utilized to stop yourself from shopping?

I have taken my entire book marked shopping websites off my laptop and saved in a folder for the rest of the semester so I don’t have temptations to go and look for five minutes.  There has been no more window-shopping for me considering I am a compulsive buyer.  Every email I receive about discount from a store I delete immediately without even reading them. I am a sucker for discount because I am a huge bargain shopper so its gets me every time. Last but not least I keep my self-busy with homework and studying all the time. Don’t worry the temptations are there but I don’t give into them.