I think another reason i’m ALMOST okay with not shopping this semester is that since i am going to London next semester, it’s nice to know  can save up money and get things to wear when i’m there. I’ve been eyeing a jcrew trench coat for a while now and hopefully i can get that before i leave. It’s also saving me a lot of money which i will definitely be using in London. i’ve been looking up the usual London shopping like top shop and such and i’ve found a store called Primark which i am SUPER excited about checking out! It’s like a forever21 but nicer and even cheaper, or so i’ve read. So the idea of little markets in London and Greece and High fashion shops in London are what i’m trying to save my money for.

Of course before i leave for London i will get some more basics that i love to wear. A good pair of light jeans, dark jeans, black jeans and simple white and black tops. Also basic color sweaters that are oversized are some of my favorite winter wears, i love layering them on top of my comfy flannel shirts.  I also can’t wait to get a new pair of black boots, most likely steve madden but i’m very distraught because i’m pretty sure my brown steve maddens are quite ruined ;(