As I work my way into the next week of this challenge, I find myself struggling more with stress and schoolwork than with this fashion detox. I am working my tail off this week to prepare to be out of town over the weekend, and I am helping with my first round of grading and exams. This will also be my first week of work in office at my part time job, so my time is now getting stretched thin. I feel like a fashion detox is the least of my worries as I work through this week.

I do enjoy reading the posts of other users who are either struggling like I was last week or who are not having any trouble at all. It’s great to see the ideas being shared about how to be more sustainable. I loved the idea of a closet swap with friends. What’s old to one of your girls may be a new and fabulous find for your wardrobe. Love this thought, and I hope I can find a friend with the same size and style around Stillwater.

Earlier this week, I wondered about what kind of waste occurs with clothing. Who actually throws away apparel? I don’t know if I have ever throw out clothes. My mother has always encouraged me to take things to the Goodwill or selling them in a garage sale. It shocks me to think that people just toss things out, as I am such an advocate for finding an alternative user.