So far the detox challenge has not been too hard to handle. I spent the weekend with friends in a small Oklahoma town just hanging out with no special event or shopping taking place. I could just wear clothes that I already own as we were horse riding and doing country girl things. An old pair of jeans and a t shirt was all I needed and I was not concerned about looking cute. If I had decided to stay in Stillwater for the OSU football game however, I know I would have wanted to buy a new outfit for that. When it comes to gamedays I always want to buy a new dress, so I will have to see how that goes when the time comes. I am not sure what strategies I have this far to stop myself from shopping as like I said no special events have surfaced. I did receive a Victoria’s Secret gift card in the mail for being a good customer, which was such a tease! I love getting coupons in the mail so the fact I cannot use it and have to give it to a friend is tough. Other than this it has not been too bad, so far so good!