Well it was the first week of fashion suicide, I mean detox and it boy was it ruff.  I feel like I have a little voice in my head telling me to buy this and to buy that everyday. My daily schedule currently consist of work, classes, and my apartment and all three remind me just how much I love clothes and want to shop. My greatest temptations and urges to shop arise at work because I work at a clothing retail store in the mall so every day I’m drowning in the fact that I can buy a single new thing till the second of December. I’ve even tried to think of a way to hold items till December to purchase but thats definitely against work policy. It also doesn’t help that the company I work for is in a complete transition and bringing in new bands and merchandise that I want so badly to own.  Just today I spotted a dress that I so desperately wanted but was waiting for it to go clearance, and what do you know it was marked down to just 10 bucks! I almost wanted to cry. Thankfully I have told all my co workers about the crazy fashion endeavor I have embarked on, so they quickly got dress out of my hands.  So, its been a week and I’m already struggling, and I cant ever imagine what next week will bring.