Hello fellow detoxers!
Feeling detoxed yet?! I for one am not at all. This week went very smoothly and was effortless. After buying groceries earlier this week by bank account went under $10.00 which made staying away from all shopping easy. Too Easy!!! So far I haven’t been stretched in the creativity field. After explaining the project to all my friends, including my roommates, they became very welcoming into their own closets. My roommates and I decided we can all have full range to each others closets which has been fantastic! Definitely a blessing :)) I’m feeling really good in what I have been wearing. This past week was finally on the cooler side and felt more like fall which allowed me to start branching out to some of my other warmer clothes which I love. I enjoy layering, and love sweaters and boots so I am definitely excited to start wearing these fun and pretty clothes. I am already trying to mentally prepare myself though. I know all the cute new scarves, boots, and sweaters are coming out and I will be wanting them all! ohhh well.. Let the struggle begin! Time to FALL into a Fashion Detox