The first few days of the challenge were fine. Even this weekend, I searched through the dark abyss of my closet that wasn’t reached before and made a cute outfit out of things I bought a few months ago and never wore. But as Sunday night comes to a close and the weekend ends, all my facebook friends upload pictures of their weekend adventures, wearing cute clothes in some styles that I don’t own myself. I have been so tempted to ask them where they got what they were wearing or go on my usual retail sites to find the styles on my own, but I’ve done a good job of resisting so far. The past week, I’ve forced myself to delete almost my entire inbox of all the stores I stop on sending me sale notifications or ___% off coupons…etc. That’s helped a ton but the fact that I have 8 more weeks almost of this worries me.

For the future weeks, I’m thinking about making outfits in advance and hanging them up in my closet (i.e. a skirt with a shirt and shoes) so I don’t have to dwell over the fact I don’t have new clothes, but rather be excited for the new outfit combinations I get to wear!