Being an avid spender, shopping is something that I do often. I am slowly but surely learning how to resist the temptations of purchasing anything! I know the upcoming weeks are going to be extremely challenging, considering the change of season from summer to fall. Fall clothes are my favorite kinds of clothes to shop for, and the fact that I won’t be able to purchase any of them is giving me a lot of anxiety. The other day I was bored so I went on line and browsed at all the new fall lines coming out. I wanted to go get my credit card and order a new fall wardrobe, but I was able to resist. I went into my closet and pulled out my fall clothes, only to realize that I had plenty. Although they weren’t new, they were still cute and for the most part still in style, and I knew I was going to be fine. By looking through the new fall lines online, I realized that I don’t need any new clothes and am surprisingly happy with what I have. It made me grateful for all the articles of clothing I currently have, and reassured me that I would complete this detox and be just fine. They say the first couple weeks are the most challenging, and then from week 3 and on its smooth sailing. Hopefully my detox experience will be just that.