For this first week, I feel just fine because this is a busy week for me and i wasn’t really planning any shoppings. But I know that I wont be able to shop anything for this semester, i start to pay more attention to the clothes that i currently have and think of different options to match them. This past week I lost my favorite sunglasses and I really want to shop for new ones, when i was at walmart to buy grocery, i walked past by the sunglasses section and realized that i was in this program and could not purchase any fashion related stuff. I started to convince myself I dont really need sunglasses and its getting cold  and I never wear them in cold weather anyway.  For now i still feel same around others since its has only been a week. The current strategy i think of now to stop myself from shopping is to focus more on other things instead of appearance. The strategy i have to fulfill my needs without purchasing new is that I could start to exchange clothes with my friends in the fashion detox so we still have something new to wear.