This is the first time in my life that I am happy to be completely broke. I was in Blue Springs, Missouri this weekend and I saw their new shopping center off of I-70. They have some of my favorite stores, including TJ Maxx, Gap, Charming CHARLIE, and many others. I wanted to go inside SO badly, until I remembered… I don’t have any money, anyway. Thank Goodness! I almost went inside anyway, just to look, but I figured that would make this challenge even more difficult. 

This challenge has left me feeling very frustrated. My roommate comes home, almost on a daily basis, with new clothes or shoes and she always wants to show them to me. Normally, I would be thrilled to see all of it, but not so much anymore. This happened just a few days ago and I actually had to tell her I didn’t want to see it. Needless to say, she was a little confused until I reminded her of this project. Other than that, I don’t think that this has affected my relationships or the way I act toward others at all. Yet.

One of the major changes that I have made in order to successfully complete this project is stopped browsing online clothing sites. I would normally go to and on a regular basis. And when I say regular basis, I mean almost every day. So that has been difficult, but it is helping out a lot when it comes to fighting the temptations. 

On a more positive note, this challenge has allowed me (forced me, actually) to be more creative. I have already worn several shirts that I hadn’t seen in months. It feels great to be putting all of those resources to good use and it really makes getting dressed everyday an exciting challenge. That might just be the best thing about this project. 

My biggest concern is that I really do have some apparel needs. I get rid of clothes every year when I move into a new house and it seems like a lot of it is fall/winter clothes. I have several sweaters and cardigans, but not enough to wear something different every day. And scarves… I’m obsessed with scarves and I really wish I had more, but I guess they will have to wait. Another concern is that I was recently hired at JCP. Working there and being around clothes everyday is going to be hard enough, but then you have to consider the discount I will receive. I haven’t actually started yet, but when I do, that’s when this challenge is really going to begin.