The whole ‘not shopping’ thing is getting a little old. I mean really, how realistic is this challenge?! I do have to admit, it has not been that hard for this first week, but I can see it taking a sharp turn in the other direction in the weeks to come. I haven’t really had the desire to even shop this week because I have been so busy, and right now that is my only defense against this evil we all call sales. 

So far, my creativity has not been challenged, I am still feeding off of my regular wardrobe and I haven’t run out of any outfit choices yet! For school I usually wear a variation of nike shorts and a t-shirt or nike shorts and a t-shirt. On the rare occasion do I actually ‘dress up’ for class. I mean, who needs to impress a room full of girls?! but really.

With parents weekend these last few days, there has been temptation to shop because my mom is ALL about the little boutiques here in Stillwater. She actually wanted to buy me some stuff and I had to say, “STOP. Mom, I would love to get that, but you are just going to have to wait and give it to me until Christmas when this whole detox thing is over.” She was really confused because this is not my usual response to shopping excursions.

When some of my friends have been out shopping or buying things online, I do get a little jealous/frustrated that I can not partake in the festivities. However, a few of my friends are in this same class and are facing the same detox problems, so that actually helps a lot because we are all in the same boat. 

I haven’t really needed to use any strategies to stop my shopping habits. The only thing so far that I have done is start my Christmas list in order to get the things I want out of my head. I know I won’t get half of the things I’m putting on there, but it somehow seems to be somewhat therapeutic. 

In order to fulfill my needs of not purchasing, I have been browsing a lot online and getting ideas for outfits for next season. It is fun to daydream about a really cool outfit that you can see yourself rockin’ up and down the boulevard in the spring time or after this detox nonsense subsides. 

Til next time,