This past week has absolutely flown by. I’ve been really busy with class and keeping up with reading because my first round of exams is coming up this week. That being said, I’m absolutely exhausted from the long weekend and feeling a little stressed. I’ve been so preoccupied with classwork to really give my fashion much thought. 

Since it got chilly out, it was time to pull out some warmer clothing. I’ve been wearing my Levi’s lately and Mizzou hoodies all weekend. I felt I blended in pretty well and looked pretty good while doing it.

I haven’t been out much to go shopping or even be in that sort of atmosphere. I suppose my studying was a strategy to avoid shopping. My creativity hasn’t really been challenged as I haven’t had any special fashion needs or been tempted into purchasing anything. I expect this week to be similar with my busy schedule. However, next weekend could get interesting because I have plans to be in Colorado and it’s tough to avoid buying a souvenir.