It has been a week now without shopping for clothing items.  I can say that it has not been bad so far. I will admit I have been busy which makes it easier to forget about things like shopping.  I think when we get closer to the end of the school year is when I will start to feel anxiety about shopping.  I am cool and collective thus far.

This challenge has not yet impacted my creativity because when it comes to fashion I am not the most creative.  I like to go off what I see my friends wear or what is “in” style. Like I said in my first blog, my sister is the fashionista and I am more of a numbers person.

I will admit, I did think about shopping when my father gave me a little extra cushion money.  I was tempted to update my game-day clothing collection. But, I also knew that he did not give me it for that reason.  With the first week down, my temptations have been to a minimum.

The way I feel around others has not changed at all.  I love burrowing their clothes and they are very giving when it comes to burrowing. I just wish I could have something new and cute that they could burrow in return.  I think that this challenge will not change how I feel around people, but you never know it is only the first week.

In college, I like to shop online, so making myself stop looking at Pinterest has been one of the key things to not online shopping.  Otherwise, I just do not go to malls.  Thankfully, I have not yet had the time to go to a mall so again, minimal temptations. The hard thing to pass up is going to be going home and my mom wanting to take me shopping. Who knows how I will say no to that!  For fulfilling my needs with clothes, I think I am going to try and recycle my old clothes even though they may be out of style or I am just sick of wearing them.  I think it would be a good idea to wear clothes again that I spent a lot of money on.  One week down, many long weeks to go.