So far I have continued to Detox without any major issues. I actually feel very stress-free because I haven’t spent any of my money on clothing, which at times has stressed me out because I spend money I should be spending on something I actually need on unnecessary clothing. I have felt some jealousy this week when my friends went shopping to buy some black and gold clothing from Francesca’s Boutique in the Columbia Mall, one of my favorite stores. When they came back with black and gold chevron chiffon dresses, which I have been wanting for some time, I was pretty jealous. Then I thought of how I could borrow those dresses without having to spend any money, then the jealousy subsided. This challenge has impacted my creativity by allowing me to make my own clothing. My mom has recently been getting back into sewing, and she showed me how to use our old Singer sewing machine Labor Day Weekend. I really wanted a plain black elastic waist skirt to wear to football games so I made one myself! I was very proud of my work.

My temptations have mainly been to buy Mizzou clothing on 25% off Black & Gold Fridays and to buy gameday clothing and accessories. With the new gameday boutique in the bookstore basement, I have been forcing myself to stay away from the adorable dresses. This challenge has been a great conversation among friends and family who are very impressed I am committing myself to this Detox. They occasionally check in to see how it’s going for me. People I have told think it is really great that I am challenging myself in this way and say they could never do it themselves.

I have thought several times of breaking my Detox promise, but instead think of all the money I could save and how disappointed in myself I would be. Is it really worth buying that dress I might only wear once? I cannot wait until the end of this semester when I will treat myself to something special. What it will be, I don’t know, but it will be something I really have been wanting!