I am no longer allowing myself to kill time by browsing through the bookstore. I almost caved when I saw some of the new dresses at the bookstore with the Mizzou logo on them. Now that people are starting to dress up more to the football games since we became part of the SEC, I have felt the need to shop for new Mizzou apparel. Unfortunately for me, I am not allowed to purchase any of the new clothing items at the bookstore, or any clothes at all for that matter. So, instead of fulfilling my shopping needs to look cute at the football games, I have been borrowing the new dresses my friends have bought from the bookstore. It actually works out better this way, I still get to look good in a new dress and I am saving myself over fifty-bucks.

I feel like the fact that I can’t shop almost makes me want to shop more. I have no idea why I continuously torcher myself by shopping online, I suppose it is out of habit. It sort of makes me a little bit bitter when I see people with new clothes that I love, or my roommates come home with four new gorgeous dresses that they purchased on sale. So far, the biggest benefit from this challenge I have found is saving money. However, I think I prefer shopping over saving money. This is going to be one very long semester.