• How you are feeling?

So far so good, I am not feeling the temptation to shop as much as I did as last week. I think what has keep my mind off of thinking about going shopping is being busy with work, and school. Keeping busy is definitely working for me so far, and with work, and school they both has occupy most of my time thought the week.

  • How this challenge has impacted your creativity?

This challenge has really impact my creativity in a positive way, because it has helps me to think harder, and be more creative with my clothes, by looking into my closet I can pick out different outfits for the week. I can mix, and match and just have fun with the things in my closet that was just hanging in there for months or years.

  • Any temptations you have had to shop or apparel needs you have had, but could not purchase?

The temptation is always there, when i change the channels, i see ads for different stores for example TJ Max or Dillard’s etc, or HSN shopping channel, or even when my friends or mom wants me to go with them to the mall. It’s very hard to go to the mall and not buy something, looking/window shopping makes me feel more tempted to, but then I think to myself I can’t. I am doing a good thing to help myself.

  • Any strategies you have utilized to stop yourself from shopping?

By keeping myself busy I don’t think much about shopping, and it do help me. The temptations are there, but by being busy it helps to reduce my urges to go shopping significantly.