First full week of not shopping and wow has it been rough.  I never realized how much I want to go shopping just when I am bored.  I have this urge to sometimes go out and buy something or just even go to the stores to look.  It is an unhealthy obsession.  I have had numerous occasions where I want to go shopping so badly, but I take this urge and go to my good friend, Pinterest.  That has been my way of not shopping.  I love pinning fashion on my pinterest page, but knowing that I can’t buy half the items I want on there is a bit of a downer.  I consider myself an impulse shopper and when I see something I like, I instantly have to have it.  It is just that easy for me to spend money.  I feel as if I have started to notice how often I shop and think about shopping and feel that this will benefit me greatly throughout this detox.  I am trying to find different ways to wear my clothes and it sparks my creativity.  Besides pinterest, I also found that shopping vicariously through others has helped me also.  If I help my friends shop and buy things, that is my way of getting rid of my temptations, because I feel as if I am shopping but not buying anything.  With the fall season coming up, which is also my favorite season, it will be even more tempting to buy those cute sweaters we all love and those boots that we wear with the cute sweaters; and don’t forget the scarves.  Let the real games of not shopping begin.