Let me just say, it has been hard. The pressure to wear something the SEC way has forced me to come up with some creative Mizzou gold outfits for the games. I really wanted this adorable gold shirt from Target that was only $10, but I resisted the temptation! Instead, I wore a black and gold striped shirt that I already had paired with a black and gold sparkle headband, gold accessories, and black riding boots (very SEC like, y’all).

Along with resisting the temptation to buy, I found myself cleaning out my t-shirt drawers today. I just had to. Every time I do laundry, it is a struggle to get all the t-shirts to fit back in their drawers (sometimes the drawers do not even close right, and then all the t-shirts get all bunched up and wrinkly; it really is a hassle). So, today I decided to get rid of the ones I do not wear to make more room for the ones I do wear. After putting aside about ten shirts I could depart with, it was like this heavy burden was lifted off my shoulders! For once, I will not feel all flustered and annoyed after doing laundry and putting it away.

My laundry literally took one hour to fold and put away. Laundry should not take that long, but it takes me that long because I have a lot of clothes, including t-shirts. My roommate even said to me, “I was watching you fold those t-shirts, and it was never-ending!” It is not like I wear t-shirts all the time either. They are probably only 20% of my wardrobe, but I just have accumulated so many of them! It took me a while to decide, but I said no to buying my sorority’s philanthropy shirt. It was not my favorite design, and it was gold (I already have so many Mizzou gold t-shirts) so I just had to say no. But, I already feel like it was a great decision! I would always feel like I need to buy every t-shirt from an event, but now I think I will just buy that ones that I really like and will know I will wear a lot. There is no reason to have 1,000 t-shirts.

Subconsciously knowing that I cannot buy any clothes or t-shirts has already altered some of my fashion habits. I am getting rid of things and have decided to make more rational decisions when it comes to shopping and buying. Even though it has only been a week, I am already feeling the benefits of this fashion detox. I know every week will bring new challenges, but each week will also bring new lessons that I am willing to experience from sacrificing fashion.