So, I guess I have to confess to the world my shopping habits. I wouldn’t exactly call them habits. I would use the word disease. When I walk on campus everyday, I am constantly looking at what other people are wearing and what they think looks good. It’s pretty interesting in some styles. Some people can pull off certain things and others can’t. I will take the time to think if I would look good in it myself. when I see something I want, I try to figure out how badly I want it. If I want it right away, I will go online and order i express. If I feel that it is something I can wait on, I will wait till I can get to a store to purchase it.

A lot of times, I will shop in small increments all the time. I’m not that kind of girl that can wait for every season to change my wardrobe. I will shop in between seasons and then remember that a new season is coming around again and THEN i have to shop more for it! Season changes are a major motivation for me. Especially fall and winter. I don’t like to wear many cute clothes in the summer because it’s so hot. I eventually just sweat through it and it’s not cute anymore (to me anyway). I will usually stick to the nike shorts and t shirts because they’re so comfortable. And if you wear the right colors, you don’t see sweat.

I chose to accept this challenge because I think it could save me A LOT of money. I also think it would be good for me to step back and remember, “I don’t HAVE to have it!” I’m excited to see if I can actually go through with this.