It has only been one week since my fashion detox has started and I have already been tempting with buying new clothes. Now being a part of the South Eastern Conference (SEC) the view of what should be worn to games has changed. The look of the southern schools at football games is very sophisticated. At some schools the girls even wear dresses with heels. Being in the Midwest and the first season for this change I don’t think anyone is pushing the change that far but there definitely is a difference in the outfits. People are no longer just wearing t shirts and jeans to games. Also I am a member of a sorority and the Greek community as a whole is stepping up their fashion at football games. Every week some of my friends go shopping to get a new outfit for the up coming game.

It has been a challenge for me to find something already in my closet that fits the new look of the SEC. I have been getting creative with my outfits while also realizing how much black and gold I don’t have. It is all too tempting when my friends go out and find cute new black and gold outfits but I have been sticking to my detox and have not given into peer pressure. Having their clothes to share from though, helps me get the look I want. I also have found myself having to re-wear items but put them into a new outfit. Next weekend is an away game so there is one less temptation to go shopping!