Well, one week down and I’m surviving!  Don’t get me wrong, it’s a struggle for a girl who adds something to her collection on a weekly basis.  Avoiding my favorite apparel stores is something I have had to force myself to do in order to resist the temptations.  If I even think about entering a retail store just “to browse”, I’ll be leaving with something I just “needed” to have.  It’s just too soon to browse for the fun of it.  After the first week, I have noticed that my creative gears have been turning and I am figuring ways to mix and match the clothes that I already own.  Mixing my colors, patterns and textures to create completely different outfits has been really fun and I get fulfillment out of it and am able to avoid my urge to splurge on new clothing and accessories.  The bright side of this detox is that none of my clothing will be going unworn and it will all get to see the light of day instead of just hanging on display in my closet!  I can see this detox as a big help after the semester is up and am looking forward to seeing my bank account not get real low between paychecks because I can’t resist my temptations!  Happy detoxing, ladies!!