Its only the second week in and I was already looking for tights. Not that I needed them I just wanted something new. And then I remembered I am doing this darn detox and dropped everything in my hand and left the store. Close Call! Its like these stores have a gravitational pull on me. The fact that I am broke has been a blessing in disguise when it comes to this challenge. But I actually get pissed whenever my friends tell me they are going to the mall and yes I could tag along but that would just be torture for myself. They tell me I am crazy and maybe I am. I mean it been two weeks and i wanted to buy stuff.
When it comes to getting creative with what I already own I am at a point where I take an extra ten minutes to figure out what I wanna wear and how can I switch it up from last week. At this point I wish it were winter so I can put on a hoodie and jeans ad be done for the day. I feel like it still nice weather so I actually have to look nice.
Maybe this detox will be like kicking a smoking habit or cutting out sugar from a diet. These weeks I know I will continue to avoid sales and search for a loop-hole but in the mean time I will sadly settle with the clothing I own now.