It is week two of the Fashion Detox challenge and I am going strong!  I am not having shopping withdrawals yet, or any urges to online shop at all. I’m sure this will wear off sometime soon, but I can truthfully say that I am not struggling! I have been completely busy with homework, tests, and pomping for homecoming, therefore I have not even had time to go shopping on my own. I honestly haven’t even thought about going shopping, until yesterday. Yesterday was Dad’s Day here Oklahoma State and so everyone’s dads come up here to go to the football game and spent time with their daughters and sons. Normally for me, this means my dad takes me out to eat and sometimes he takes me to do a little shopping. Well we did go shopping, but I explained to him that I could only look and not buy anything. You could say he was more than thrilled to hear this information. For me this was hard, but it was nice to actually be able to look around,window shop, and see the new trends. Unfortunately though, it was hard seeing other girls with their parents shopping and buying new clothes. This definitely made me a little jealous!

So far I haven’t really been able to be extra creative with my clothing since my classes are so early in the day that I normally just throw on a T-shirt and call it good. I am sure though for the weeks to come I will be forced to figure out some creative news ways to wear my clothes, especially for weekends!