The hardest temptation I had this week was in my student center.  They just added a new section and filled it will fashionable items in my school colors.  These weren’t just simple crew necked t-shirts.  But what really caught my eye were these jackets that were perfect for game days but also could work for interviews.  They were perfect.  They weren’t over the top spirited, they had good style and design… BUT I can’t buy them.  That was my biggest temptation for the week.  It was also parents weekend here and I wanted to get matching t-shirts for me and my dad but nope, couldn’t do that either.  Other than that, things have been pretty easy for me.  It’s only a week in though, and although deciding on an outfit to wear out this weekend was difficult, things have been going smoothly.  If anything I feel like this project is going to help my creativity with mixing colors.  I find i’m in a bit of a color stump where I am a little scared to pick colors outside of what may already be in my outfit.  that’s all!