Hello Fashion Detoxers!!! One week down and 9 more to go! I am feeling great! This week has not changed how I feel around others. Thanks to a busy school and work schedule plus the lack of money; this week challenge was pretty easy!

            So far, this challenge has impacted my creativity by getting me extra jazzed on figuring out how to create new decorations and designs. My pinterest has really been flooded with DIY décor. As far as with fashion I have not had too much change in creativity. At work, as the floor mannequin and accessory specialist, every week I get a chance to be creative and figure out new styles out of the new merchandise we get in.

             As stated before, with the crazy schedule and definitely lack of money helped curved a lot of the temptation to purchase new items. That definitely did not stop me from thinking of what I would like, but that also lends to thinking about what I can up-cycle already in my house. There is not really a strategy for not purchasing anything; I just cannot afford it!