Over the past week, it actually has not been as hard as I thought it would be. I thought that there would be a lot more temptations out than there actually are. Maybe its due to the fact that I was so busy I had zero time to even look at stores, much less clothes. I’d definitely say that I’m becoming more creative with piecing together my outfits. It’s hard to change it up without being an outfit repeater. I’ve also had to start doing my laundry more often just so that I actually have clothes to wear. This challenge really has not changed how I act or feel around others, it’s just hard to not buy anything when all of my friends want to go shopping. Whenever that happens though, I just remind myself that I am on a detox, have zero money, and don’t really need it. This usually always does the trick for me. If I really want something however, I’ve just thought of other things I have like it and realize that I can just as easily use or wear what I already have. I hope it remains this easy the whole time.