So I am sitting here on my bed with my friends pinteresting away looking at all the beautiful things that I will never be able to own… okay soo for a semester but still. I did not realize how ridiculously addicted to shopping I am. I have caught myself numerous times at the online check out on etsy.com only to realize my order will have to be postponed for I am forbidden to press that finish button. I have to say my wardrobe is feeling a bit tragic. I have to do something about this. I might have to consider taking up sewing to cope with this.. I could be creative if I really tried right? It’s just so hard going on pinterest and seeing all the upcoming fashion trends that I am just dying to get my hands on and then looking in my closet and realizing that those dreams will never come true. I am determined to get creative wheather that means sewing my own skirts or hunting in my roomates closets for hidden treasures…BUT I WILL PREVAIL!! I am determined not to get behind.

However my attitude yesterday was not nearly as peppy.. My family was in town for parents weekend and of course my aunt and cousin wanted to go shopping. It was pure torture. We went to the new TJ Maxx for the grand opening. There were so many shoes, and tank tops, and bright pants, and sweaters and jewelery, and flowy blouses and Kate Spade bags galore! SIGHHHHHHHHH!!! IT WAS SO SAD! And my parents were there, the only time this whole year they will be here and I would maybe be able to score some freebies and I could’t even try. Sad day.

So I would at least have to say that most people in my life are benefiting from this detox. This has effected my parents by keeping their wallets safe, far away from my reach, my friends think its hilarious that I get to go shopping with them and hold their bags, and even though I hate to admit it I have saved quite a bit of money in just one short week by cutting myself off from indulging myself in sweaters and heels.. maybe there is hope for me yet!

I think my main strategy for this no shopping journey I have embarked on will be to have a positive attitude and to stay open minded. Also limiting my time browsing online time/pinteresting couldn’t hurt.. But I plan to make this work through creating, reworking, and borrowing.