As I said in my last post, I don’t shop that often because you don’t really need too. So after a week I am doing just fine and having no problem not shopping. I have enough clothes that and you can always layer and have different combinations of things so that you can have a different outfit if you really want.

Guy’s take a fashion tip: take some of your nicer things and mix them with casual wear.

Take vests for example; if you have a vest you can wear it with basically any button down you’ve got. Light gray and black are great starting colors that can mix with most everything. You can roll up the sleeves elbow length on your shirt if you want to, or leave them down. Leave at least a button undone at the top, more than one if you want, and add your vest and you’re good to go. The vest can be buttoned or unbuttoned, just one more way to change your look. You can get a vest at a thrift store or somewhere else. I have two J. Ferrar vests that I like from JCP however I also have two that I love from thrift stores. I wear them all depending on my mood that day.

Not only can you wear vests with button downs, you can wear vests with T-shirts as well, personally I prefer V-necks but that’s just me. You can mismatch colors and patterns on your vests and shirts. I have a Mickey Mouse vest from Goodwill that I find fun and obnoxious, on the other hand I have a black leather western one as well. Your clothes are out there for you to choose; if you choose a few good pieces than they go a really long way in their use.