Dear lord… Shopping… It truly was and still is an addiction. After seeing the new outfits that the Wooden Nickel posted on Facebook, I got the itch… It was strange at first, I felt as though I needed to be there, that somehow I would be losing something that tied me to reality. By not shopping this week, I feel disconnected. Nevertheless, I have pressed on with this detox, and the results are already shining through. Knowing that I cannot buy something as opposed to going and buying it now is slightly refreshing. I love color, and I love feeling beautiful in what I wear. This detox is causing me to realize that I can be pretty in the same outfit, if I just re-imagine it in a different way. I look at my closet as sort of an “off-line Pinterest.” It is a place that I can see the different ideas I have had in the past. So with this first week of detox, I am looking to recreate my closet so that I can become a better person, each and everyday!