I found that this week it was very easy to avoid shopping all together for two reasons: 1) Lack of money and 2) My busy schedule.  Obviously, you can’t very well shop without the means (money) to do so, so that eliminated the issue right there.  During a normal week I might browse stores online and pick garments to purchase in the future and be sad that I was unable to purchase them sooner.  I might also visit a few local stores to do the same.  However, this week I was so busy that shopping honestly didn’t even cross my mind.  I had two tests to study for, I stay in on weekday nights and I worked all of the weekend.  My job requires us to wear uniforms so I didn’t need to purchase any clothes for that reason.  So unlike future weeks to come, I didn’t face any temptations, feel that my creativity was impacted or affect the way I felt around others.  My new work schedule hasn’t been put out yet, but I assume that if I work next weekend, I probably won’t face any issues, nor need to develop strategies to utilize me from shopping.