Well, week one of no shopping is over and I have survived! Probably because it has only been 7 days. This week was not hard at all. I had no temptations to shop and never felt a need too. I was also super busy with classes this week so the entire week was an athletic shorts and a t-shirt kind of day. Which also meant that I didn’t necessarily use any creativity. I’m hoping to have more chances for that this upcoming week.

Although I had no temptations this week…  I know they are going to come and I am going to be ready for them. I think what I am going to have the hardest time with is online shopping. I usually do that the most and I have an addiction to it. Especially because the Columbia mall is the pits and on the other side of town from my house. But I am just going to have to learn ways to avoid temptations! I am super excited to start being more creative with my wardrobe. The only thing I am worried about is how tempting the change of seasons is going to be with all new styles coming out.