I really didn’t think about shopping this week except for when I wanted to buy a new sweatshirt for this cool weather we have been experiencing. Reflecting back, this is the time of year that I love shopping for especially with all the layering options for fall and winter. With this challenge, I get to think of how to use my existing wardrobe. This gives me the idea of a new jacket that I have wanted to make out of some my old worn out jeans. I love jackets and any layering garment in general but I get to see how I can use my “old” wardrobe to create a “new” wardrobe. Challenge accepted!

This challenge has made me really look at what I am purchasing. I have bills to pay and groceries to buy which leaves very little extra cash. So, I have been questioning each item I buy. The main question being do I absolutely need this shirt but when I come back with the answer you have plenty of shirts in your closet now use those or make something new out of those shirts that are forever being pushed to the back of the closet. It’s about looking at the old to make the new!