There were a few times that I totally almost forgot I am not supposed to be shopping. I have become so accustomed to it that it is frustrated that the only time I can buy something from the store is groceries, electronics, and things related to school. I am a definite thrifter, and boy was it hard just looking at my friends try on things. I just kept thinking to myself of the cool, creative things I could do with items that I already have. I also thought to myself..this will be the last time that I put myself in such a hard position like “going shopping” with my friends. They kept asking me what I am going to do about homecoming weekend. That is stressful already! I immediately went home and went through my clothes to see what could be altered.

I also had the biggest urge to buy items out of the bookstore on our Black & Gold game days, where we have a 25% off. I mean, it was very difficult to give up such a great deal on normally extremely high-priced items.

This will be more difficult than I imagined. “/