So, I have been detoxing for two weeks now, and so far, the experience has been great!  Since the weather has gotten chillier, I have been able to be more creative with my outfits by wearing infinity scarves and cardigans.  The main challenge, however, has been what the blog title refers too.  At least twice a day, I receive e-mails from major store chains advertising sales that are taking place.  As part of my own personal detox, I am refraining from even opening these e-mails so temptations don’t take place.  This also means all store sites that have been bookmarked on my computer are gone as well.  And, as weird as this may sound coming from a 20 year old female, it feels really good.  I don’t feel stress from deciding what to buy or looking at what’s “in style” and realizing I don’t have it.  I can feel good in what I’m wearing because my outfits are mine and not my attempt to match whatever stores are putting out via e-mail as the best clothes to wear.  Avoiding the situation as much as I can is the best way I know to beat the temptation and stay detoxed.  My e-mail inbox certainly thanks me and I do too because who cares if my clothes aren’t new?  It’s about how you wear it and how confident I feel and I don’t need justification from store chains to tell me so.