I am definitely an online shopper over the traditional in-store shopper. I honestly dislike the act of shopping, but I’m completely and utterly obsessed with clothes! Granted it is nice to try on items in a store, I personally would rather sit on my computer for hours and hours searching every website for the perfect item. I feel as though online shopping allows me to get exactly what I am looking for, as well as, more unique items.  I like to think my style is pretty fashion forward and not the typical Midwest style. I am always looking for something new, fresh and different. Growing up in St. Louis, I often feel like it takes FOREVER for trends to reach the stores.  So shopping online allows me to find the latest trends from places that are based in more fashion forward areas. I do enjoy shopping in boutiques and little stores, but with a small selection to choose from here at Mizzou, I rarely go out shopping. I imagine I would enjoy traditional shopping more if there was a larger variety of stores available to me, and if I had more access to fast fashion types of stores such as Zara. (The closest one to me is in Chicago… so my mom and I have made it a tradition to take shopping trips there each year) I basically online shop daily, its kind of an addiction. I don’t necessarily buy something new everyday but I definitely look at different websites periodically each day, to see what’s out there.

I’m always looking for the newest trends, which I believe partially inspires me to shop. The fact of the matter is I love clothes and I want them all! Thus I am driven to shop. I also think buying new clothes is confidence booster. Who doesn’t love getting a hot new outfit for a night out!

I am accepting this challenge because, first of all, I’m a poor college student and all of my money goes to new clothes… that I do not truly need. I may think I need it, but in all reality, I don’t.  For example, my closet at college is completely full, and that’s not even the half of it! I still have a full closet back home!  

Second, I want to take this challenge because I think it will be a tough for me to do. I get anxiety just thinking about it. When the challenge was first presented I thought, What am I going to do while I’m procrastinating?! There’s no way I can stick to it! But I am determined to stretch my creative side and get some use out of all those garments hanging in my closet with the tags still attached!